I was having gastric perforation. I was referred to Dr Bk Saxena by Dr UN Chatterjee ENT surgeon who is known to me. Dr saxena advised me for emergency Laparotomy at MGM Hospital, CBD. Surgery went well. I have completely recovered from the problem. Dr Saxena is a very calm and gentle surgeon.
Ali hossain mondol
My mother age 76 was having pain in abdomen. I showed her to Dr Saxena, who diagnosed her having Inguinal hernia (very rare in females). He operated her in Wockhardt hospital vashi. She is now leading a comfortable and a healthy life. I am extremely grateful to Dr Saxena for correct diagnosis and excellent surgery.
Maya Sharma
My wife was having Incisional hernia since 3years and occasional Abdominal pain. I have known Dr Saxena for long. He operated on me for fistula, operated my son for appendix. He advised my wife for hernia surgery. He operated my wife in Wockhardt hospital, Vashi. She is doing great after surgery. Dr Saxena is my family surgeon.
Deena Tiwari
My father age 68 was diagnosed with Gall bladder stones, having pain in abdomen. I contacted Dr BK Saxena for Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery. He operated at Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi and discharged very next day. I am thankful to Dr BK Saxena for cooperation and very informative discussion about surgery.
Vivek Kamble